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Everything from Dustin Pedroia's injury to trade possibilities, he had you covered. Let's jump right in to it. Red sox chat from Watertown asks: Sean, any news yet on Pedey's thumb? Were the Sox wrong in allowing him to play with that injury?

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As for the Type A system, that's gone. Beckett didn't seem to think it was anything serious and they caught it early before it had the chance to get worse.

Red sox chat

He is a joke in the clutch and seldom goes for the single when that is all the team needs at red sox chat time. I don't think it was anything more than Tito catching up with some players he enjoyed managing.

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I thought that once they passed Portland's record for the four major sports, we might see the "end'' of it. I red sox chat Masterson would slot in well as a th starter with this team.

And I think he can get straightened out quicker in relief. Now, teams have to present "qualifying offers'' red sox chat at least 12 million to recoup picks. Sure it's great to 'get in the tournament', but is a 1-game playoff really something to shoot for?

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Had Iglesias been healthy for the past month rather than on the DL, would the Sox have red sox chat him up? Does Bobby V. Matt from Boston asks: will daniel bard be back up in the majors before the all-star break? Sean McAdam: Evans is off the HOF ballot and must wait to get onto the Veteran's Committee ballot down the road, so he's not going to get in anytime soon. Why does the media let a "nice guy" like Gonzo get away with this garbage, when you know it would be a much bigger deal if a lightning rod like Manny was hitting like Julio Lugo.

Red sox chat

What complicates things with McClure is that Valentine brought in Randy Niemann, who has a long association with Valentine and is serving as asst. Good OBP guy, why couldn't they have packaged him with someone red sox chat help the major league club as they attempted last year. It's tough to evaluate Kalish right now because he missed more than a year with the shoulderneck injuries.

How long do teams have to claim him? Clearly, a lot of the fans have had it with Beckett and his underperformance since last Sept. Let's see how he does matched against Verlander and a good team.

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Sean McAdam: All s point to bullpen. And he's already a tough sell red sox chat that clubhouse. If they hang around in the A. Can't say that one team is more likely than another at this point.

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Seems like there have been some hints dropped in the media lately. And you could make the argument that red sox chat had already established himself as HOFer before the suspected PED use began in late s.

Red sox chat

Sean McAdam: I would caution against going overboard on Ciriaco. Dante from NJ asks: Does Morales keep getting starts as long as he's pitching well?

Dot from Dorchester asks: Gun to red sox chat, where will Youk be playing at the end of this season? It might make sense to move a veteran arm Padilla, Albers if Bard and Bailey come back healthy. Anything big -- a huge trade involving lots of money -- would have to be run by owners, but that was the case with Theo, too.

Red sox chat

There's still some leftover residue from last September and it hasn't helped that team can't get on a roll. He had a good outing over the weekend in Pawtucket, so that was a positive step.

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Thanks Sean McAdam: I think he'll return, yes. Sean McAdam: I think Bailey becomes the closer when he's healthy. The more they play, the more that's asked of them, the more it becomes apparent why they've bounced around so much. Re: the booing.

Red sox chat

Comment From Ill Have Another has there ever red sox chat a time of more unrest than now in red sox history? Sean McAdam: It's nerve-wracking, Warren. Sean will be ing us shortly but feel free to send your questions in now!

No one outside the organization takes it serously any more. A return for Bard would give the Sox some bullpen pieces to deal.

Red sox chat

As I wrote this morning, he's been better over the last five outings in Pawtucket, walking just two in the last five. And remember this, Boras has alluded to Matt Kemp's eight year, million deal with the Dodgers as the starting point. At deadline time, you talk to sources around the game -- could be scouts, could be an agent, red sox chat be someone in a front office somewhere -- and do your best to assemble the most information, while separating fact and fiction.