Finance Blogs: What are they and how they make money?

Finance Blogs: What are they and how they make money?

What is a blog?

A blog is a place where you can share your thoughts or write stories or share life philosophies on a regular basis. You can write, record, restore and also showcase it, but all electronically. So a blog simply means an e-Journal. Yes, you are understanding it right. It is like maintaining a diary but which doesn’t require a physical pen or paper. So you have your own website on the World Wide Web and every new entry you make in it is called a post. It is actually the word ‘weblog’ that was later called, blog and the person who maintains or owns it is called a Blogger.

So what is the purpose of writing blogs? Most of us strongly believe that blogging is only a recreational activity. It’s right, partially though. If I say that you can get some decent ROI by writing content with a little effort, you would quit your current jobs and start blogging. Of course, all Tom, Dick, and Harry can’t be great bloggers but if you are one among those few bloggers who have a flair for writing and can attract visitors on a large scale, you can actually QUIT!

What are finance blogs?

So out of all the blogs that exist let’s pick finance blogs to talk about. Finance blog is a genre based blog and gets the name because of the same reason. So this blog is again an e-Journal that has content, all related to finance. For example, You are looking for something related to finance and google it up. Some relevant web pages appear and they are simply the finance blogs that we are talking about.

How do these blogs make money?

The earning capacity of your blog depends on its traffic intensity. So the primary focus of money making finance blogs will be to generate the traffic every day more than the previous day, then find a way to sustain that population, it’s all about how convincing and informative these finance blogs are.

Finance Blogs

In simple steps:

  • A blog is created
  • The blog is filled with finance related content that can really attract visitors.
  • If these finance blogs convince them well, your visitors become e-mail subscribers
  • Finally, these blogs sell stuff that their subscribers and visitors want.


The steps to create a money making blog might seem easy but they require both hard work and smart work backed with an attractive content. Here are some good finance blogs, you might want to look once:

  • Budgets are sexy
  • The simple dollar
  • MoneyNing
  • Len Penzo dot com
  • 20Somethingfinance
  • Money Crashers.

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